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Osho South Africa
Let the dance begin

Some gossip on who and what

Sanyass and Osho in south africa date back to 1970, when as far as I know a couple of sanyasins came back from Poona India  wearing the full orange maroon outfit , and started infecting some willing folk with the Osho way just by hanging out and running their center in Johanseburg. I clearly remember Hamid and Hamida which I visited in JHB in 1980 shortly before I left to Israel and took Sanyass myself. They came to Cape town on a visit and their spontaneous and lively way became an inspiration to me.

since then I have been ,and still am, on a long journey with Osho. in 1995 as soon as I heard that Mandela is president ,I
moved back to SA. I don't know what happened in all this years in between,  but as far as Osho and his work, I found a small and steady stream happening here, a new and fresh land where mind as a whole remained simple and open.  stunning nature growing opportunity, and easy going people.

since I came I became aware that most of the action is happening in JHB Knysna and cape town

 JHB, there are quite a number of sanyasins, Alka was running a meditaion Center, Atiba when she was there was running meditations from her home and bringing Osho therapists from Poona India to lead workshops, and do sessions. Rasada is offering regular morning meditations, and Rahasya is experimenting with the Tantra school, and offering programs related to tantra. Pujan is also there and is offering Osho meditations and yoga practice at her place.

I heard about KNYSNA where a relatively large group of Osho lovers are around, there are massage therapists, guest house and a  community that is quite involved. and when I visited there some years ago I was pleasantly surprised. I heard that Hamid bought land with some others and they are building a mediation hall and a small community in the forest close to knysna.

Since I am in Cape Town for more than 8 years, I know the scene pretty well.
there are about 12 of us here, pretty close and in touch with one another, we all do our thing and connect once in a while, sometimes a short while and sometimes long one.

When I came I established the Osho school for creative touch in 1998, which I was running in Germany before. There were long and short trainings in Rebalancing deep tissue massage, it is great fun and quite a few people come in and out, and got some Osho rubb. today there are many practicing and making a living from rebalancing.  check it out at www.rebalancing.co.za  

Around 2001 I started to facilitate the Osho meditation Retreats, once a month in remote places around cape town, this is the best, 2 days got me and  the others really high on life. Active and silent meditations, sweat lodge, making food, celebrating, and the nature, soo good... next year 2006 the Osho Quest training will start with me and guest therapists, this will be a full taste of what oshos work is about. yummi.... Go Osho Quest.

Sw.Virag is also here since some years, a Italian born marine Eng. has opened his lovely house in cape town, where occasionally friends and sannyasins gather to enjoy meditation and hang out . it seems that this will become more regular. and sure it did as i add this now (in 9.2006)the Thursday meditations are a meeting point for all the friends that goatherd in the past months, and all enjoy them and the food later so much. 

So between the active and passive of us ,the stream is flowing here in South Africa, and my feeling is that a river is coming, just keep pouring that little bit in....