Training for Life Yellow Essence

What is the Training for Life Yellow Essence ?
The endeavor of this training is to reconnect with, and have an experience of our true nature. While discovering and retrieving all the lost aspects of our own essence, we might be able to participate in the beauty, the strength and the magnitude, that we truly are.
Yellow essence the Latifa of a joyous heart,the sunshine within. When you go into the heart, all the inner order shift. When the heart opens you get transformed. It is the end of the inner battle with the ego and the judge, it is the end of trying to work it out and with that understanding we discover the precious jewel of our inner being

Turiya Hanover will be coming to SA from Australia this May . She is an internationally renowned therapist who has been leading personal development groups and training’s worldwide since 1973. Life Coach, Relationship Counselor, SpiritualTherapist
Thousands of participants testify to the deep insights and healing they experience during Turiya’s group processes. She uses the alchemy of therapy and meditation to awaken people’s full potential and discover their highest and yet most profound essential being.

A Training Retreat in Essence Work is part of Turiya’s ‘Essence in Love’ series and is the culmination of her 35 years’ experience as a therapist. This is the pinnacle of her work.